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Reflection on resuscitating a dormant blog for #LiDA101

"Rough!"  That's how it feels to try to dredge up a dried up older blog.  Give it some CPR and a few well-aimed kicks to boot it into the kind of look, shape and feel that might possibly still represent you 6 months on.

The LiDA 101 course offers some useful guidance for fledgling bloggers.  I appreciated the tasks we were challenged to do.    It was quite easy to rejig the style into something a bit more plain and straightforward. I revisited the layout and added a footer with a CC-BY licence and tried to ensure that all past posts are listed.  I even took the somewhat drastic step of making my personal profile visible on the blog.... baby steps in terms of revelations.

After viewing a course resource video on YouTube - introducing features of the dashboard (not so great as the demo wasn't very revealing or illustrative) - the next video automatically cued itself.  Here was a really nice, friendly 18 minute video on step by step setting up a blog. .  I appreciated Dream Home Based Work's gentle and helpful introduction.  Just ignore the initial advertisement and be aware that the tutorial really begins properly at 1:04.

One thing that seems really hard to do is to import social media icons on a sidebar.  After viewing several YouTube videos I still was not able to replicate those actions.  Might need to consult my graphic designer buddies on that front.

Ok, I've been fiddling about for over an hour on the blog settings.  I think I"m back into it.  Now I just have to sustain momentum


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